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Nestled within Earth spa’s serene and peaceful landscape you will discover our well-equipped studio packed with pilates and Gyrotonic equipment. The studio houses private, semiprivate and group classes that are designed to simultaneously develop your mind and body.  Each session is geared to your individual needs and goals, meaning that every second you train is time well spent.

It’s important to understand that Pilates is about much more that just an exercise routine. It’s a method that brings together your body and mind in a harmonious fusion, creating an efficient blend of economy, grace and balance.  At Earth spa, you ‘ll benefit from the very best guidance available in this uplifting discipline.  Our expert Pilates and Gyrotonic instructor was schooled at the Kane School of Core Integration before working with some of New York’s elite crowd. Respectful of the refined traditions of the discipline, she was inspired to bring the benefits of the technique to her home country, Cyprus, in 2008 and has been teaching ever since exclusively for you at Earth spa.

Price List (November 2022 – July 2023)

  • Private consultation session (first time clients) 60€
  • Private sessions 50€
  • 10 private sessions 450€
  • Semiprivate sessions 28€/hr/person
  • 10 semiprivate sessions 250€/person
  • Pre/postnatal pilates private 55 min / 50€
  • Pilates in groups of 5 20€ per session

    10 Sessions: 180€
    20 Sessions: 340€

  • Monthly Pilates in groups of 5 from 75€/month

    1 time per week: 75€ per month
    2 times per week: 120€ per month
    3 times per week: 155€ per month

Gyrotonic Expansion system

Originally developed by a Hungarian ballet dancer, Gyrotonic exercises combine fluidity and movement from swimming, yoga, gymnastics and tai chi, using equipment specially designed for the technique. In some respects similar to Pilates, the Gyrotonic expansion system nonetheless focuses on three dimensional, circular movements coupled with special breathing techniques that work to cleanse and calm the entire body.

The benefits of the Gyrotonic Expansion System are well-established, simultaneously encouraging and increase in flexibility, balance, coordination, strength and mobility. The system is uniquely designed to allow wide participation by all and is especially powerful in promoting healing, recovery, reducing stress and tension and helping you to stay feeling fresh and vibrant

Price List (September 2019 – July 2020)

  • 1 Private Session 50€
  • 10 Private Sessions 450€

About Anna Achilleos

Anna Achilleos has been Studying and teaching Pilates since 2004 when she started her training in New York. Exercise and a healthy lifestyle was always been a vital part of her life, and since her early childhood she has been an athlete while at the same time she played tennis and went to ballet classes. After finishing high school in Cyprus, she decided to study in Great Britain, where she studied Law and Business at Warwick University.  She then continued her studies in New York where she got a Master Degree in Business Administration.

This is where she had the chance to follow and then study something which she loved and which was a philosophy of life for her: Pilates.  She attended the prestigious Kane School of Core integration and later got certified in Gyrotonic Expansion System with Young-ah Kim at “Studio Movement and Beyond”.  Anna studied while at the same time teaching at the school, where she became a Master teacher.

Her thirst for knowledge together with her love for Pilates urged her to follow additional seminars on scoliosis, prenatal/ postpartum Pilates (with Debbie Goodman), osteoporosis, lower back issues, anatomy lessons, with Irene Dowd as her teacher.  She then had the luck to work besides the well known Pilates instructor, Erika Bloom.

Anna’s method of teaching Pilates is also strongly influenced by her Master teachers: Kelly Kane, Kuan Hui Chew, Michelle Cohen, Marcia Thompson and Erika Bloom.

Anna had many clients facing post-traumatic problems, and through the Pilates philosophy as well as gyrotonic, they managed to improve their problem or completely heal.

It is worth noting that Anna is one of the very few Certified Gyrotonic instructors in Cyprus.  Thus with this knowledge and her love of Pilates and Gyrotonic, together with the need to help people, Anna returned to her home country to share her unique knowledge with people alike  and she became the founder of the“Earth Spa and Wellness Center” in 2010.

Her short-term goals include studying the functionality and anatomy of the body in depth and anything new and old which regards the mind and the body.  Her dream is to achieve the improvement of the mind, body  and spirit, in any way she can, as well as the well-being of everyone who chooses to indulge in the magical world of Earth Spa and Wellness Center

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